Marlena's Philosophy

It is my belief that all women are beautiful! I love makeup trends, having fun with new techniques, getting lost in Sephora for three hours... However; I  strongly believe that when it comes to beauty, makeup should only be used to highlight the physical beauty that one already possess. My style is very soft, natural, fresh, and clean. Even if you desire a smokey, exotic eye, or a bold pop of color on your lips, you will still recognize yourself, you will look amazing, feel comfortable walking out the front door, or greeting guests at very special event. Just a little makeup and a confident smile goes a long way! It wasn't until I truly had my feet wet in the bridal industry when I realized the beauty of minimal makeup. I occurred to me that even I didn't "need" to wear as much makeup as I thought. All these women appeared to be so uniquely beautiful, only requesting a "natural look" never needing much to look a feel her best. This was so inspiring in that the same truth had to apply to me as well, and it did! These beautiful women taught me that I too was uniquely beautiful!

 There was one women who knew this to be true within the depths of her soul and I owe most of my technical training to her.  In 2009 I personally trained with NYC's top Makeup Artist for Brides, Sally Duvall. Former assistant to the late Kevyn Aucion, and coined "NYC's Top Transformer" by Allure Magazine. There was no doubt I was about to enter a busy world of makeup artistry, but what took me by surprise is what I learned about women in the process. There was a need for a more natural concept when it came to makeup. Women want to know and feel that they are beautiful with out the "need" for makeup, no matter what their age or stage of life they are in. Especially Brides! The anxious husband to be should only notice his stunningly beautiful, glowing bride walking down the aisle. The makeup should never be a distraction and should stand the test of time, for Timeless Beauty never goes out of style! My work specializes in highlighting, not hiding the women in front of me, mature and young alike! 

You can find my work featured on many popular wedding forums such as Style Me PrettyCeci Magazine,  Carats & Cake. and Wedding Wire.

EST. 2009 by Marlena Makeup Artistry

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